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Add In A Blue Shy

Point and Shot Digital -VS- Professional SLR Digitals


Sample 1

In sample 1 In the photo on the left, it is a nice photo of the house. On a day were the the sun is not out and the shy in not blue. The photo is a little under exposed. Do to the back lighting of the shy. This is the photo you would get from a point and shot digital camera. There flash do not put out a high volume of light up the subjust.In the photo on the right we used a professional SLR camera. With a flash that will light up the night. To made the property will lit and add in a blue sky. This is a grant photo of the property.


Sample 2

And in sample 2 you can see the telephone wires running thought the picture.This photo was resize to cut out the photo pole and to beginning in the property closer. Then a blue shy was add in, to made the property more appealingly to the eye and more saleable


Add In A Blue Sky

The photo on the left is a day where the shy is not blue. The photo on the left is from a point on shot digital camera.Your basic pocket digital camera is automatic aperture and shutter. You point the camera at your subject, the camera reads the light. That is the bright's and read for shadows that is the darkest. And it read to take the picture. The problem with this is that the camera is thinking that sky is your mean subject. And in turn makes your subject unexposed.( Photo on the left side before )The ability you get with a SLR you can set all the exposure manually to made your subject stand out your the brighter sky.Like in the after photo on the right, and with a little help we kick up the sky with some blue. The photo on the right is from a professional digital SLR camera


Point and Shot -VS- SLR Digital Camera

The photo on the left is from a point on shot digital camera.You point the camera at your subject, the camera reads the light. But what happen here in the photo on the left. Read the little bit of light that was coming in the window. This picture was taken after 6:00 pm, the room was not will lit. So a flash was used to brighten up the room. The thing with this is that all contrast of the subjects are washed out. The photo on the right was take with a SLR camera. The aperture and shutter was sit at 60sec.,4.0 apart. With a metz flash sit at 2.8, one stop under the aperture. The photo did not lose the rich colors dark tones.


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